Wednesday’s Rising Freshman Night goes virtual


Frisco ISD

In years past, freshmen on campus have filled the hallways for one night exclusively, Rising Freshman Night. Now, this year’s participants will be taking a virtual approach, as the night will be composed into a webinar.

Caroline Caruso and Kirthi Gummadi

Rising Freshman Night will occur this Wednesday from 6-7 p.m., but like many things this school year, the event is going virtual.

The night usually sees hundreds of 8th graders and their parents wandering the main hallway and the cafeteria talking to teachers, coaches, and club sponsors.

It’s a way to introduce future freshmen to the school and its various programs.

But with COVID-19 still disrupting big events, this year’s Rising Freshman Night is going virtual with parents and students having the ability to either watch videos from teachers, or drop in a live Zoom for Q&A sessions.

“I think that it is an important part of an eighth grader’s year,” an incoming freshman said, “I know myself, [and] I’m a little worried about high school because I know it is going to be very different from middle school. I’m hoping by going, I’ll learn more about high school and hopefully that will give me reassurance for next school year. Also being virtual, we don’t get that personal connection as we do in person. I also am not sure if it will be virtual next year so it worries me a little, since it’s a new environment, but  as of right now, adjusting with virtual has been hassle free.