StuCo applications open through Friday


Ana Cuen

Student Council is looking for new members for the 2021-2022 school year. Applications will be done via a Google form, and they will close Jan 22. “I need more people who think outside the box, self-starters, and I’m just looking for people who are committed to creating a more inclusive and inviting campus,” Student Council sponsor Kandy Stevens said.

Caroline Caruso, Managing Editor

The window is closing fast for students interested in being part of the 2021-2022 Student Council. Positions are available for rising juniors and seniors, who must fill out a Google form and several other components to be eligible for consideration with all applications due Friday. 

The application consists of a series of questions via Google form as well as an essay. 

Sophomore applicant Allie Elgin believes creativity is essential while writing the essay, which requires students to construct and thoroughly plan out their own event. 

“You have to plan the event by splitting it up into four parts,” she said. “[You have to say] what you’re going to plan, what you’re going to do, why you should do it, and how you’re going to market it. And then the Google form is just some basic questions about your personality, and what you think being in Student Council looks like.”

Student Council sponsor, Kandy Stevens, continues to raise the bar for her students, in hopes that the program will have even more outreach to others. 

“Of course with everything happening our activities will look different,” Stevens said. “I need more people who think outside the box, self-starters, and I’m just looking for people who are committed to creating a more inclusive and inviting campus.”

In conjunction with the goals of Stevens, rising senior Caleb Faulkner aims to make a long lasting impact on the student body, if accepted into the class.

“I want to help contribute to the feel of a fun school environment,” he said. “I want to make an impact on students in any way I can by showing school spirit and getting people hyped up for school related events. If I make StuCo, I look forward to the fun of being myself around other people who share my goal to make school a better place for all students.”

All questions and essays aside, Stevens’ main goal during the application process is for new students to sit down and evaluate why they are deciding to apply. 

“They need to figure out why they want to be a part of it,” she said. “Like what is luring them to the class. They need to assess if they have what it takes to be a part of the class, and one of the things they need to realize is that it is a student led organization. All the ideas, planning, and execution has to be from the students.”