Bring back nap time


Megan Lin

As growing young adults with four periods a day filled with rigorous courses and stress, students and teachers reflect on their sleep schedules. “Sleep consistency is important because you are training your brain to know when it is time to get tired or wake up,” Tatum said. “That clear internal body clock helps you feel better throughout the day,” math teacher Kristen Tatum said.

Isabelle Engles, Guest Contributor

 Ah, the good ol’ days of being in kindergarten. After a long day of recess and coloring, nap time was the perfect time to unwind and relax.

But why did it have to end?

As we get older, our workload increases, and we become more stressed.

Nap time for older students would be a great time to unwind, relax, and even get a little extra sleep. Schools should include nap time for high school students because many students don’t get enough sleep, and by allowing them to get extra rest, they will be healthier mentally and physically. 

Most high school students don’t have a lot of free time. Balancing schoolwork, extracurriculars, family, and friends is a lot to handle for a teenager. Studies show that teenagers need more sleep than adults because they are going through a growth and development phase. The average teen needs about nine hours of sleep, and with everything going on, it’s nearly impossible to do so.

By having nap time for high school students, teens will get a chance to catch up on sleep if they didn’t get enough the night before. Even if the nap time was only an hour long, it can benefit them in many positive ways. 

Getting enough sleep is crucial to staying healthy. By not sleeping enough, our immune system weakens and we can get sick easier, and our recovery time from being sick is slower. With the pandemic going on, sick kids are the last thing we want.

If students get a little extra sleep, it could help keep their immune system strong. Studies show that not getting enough sleep can lead to weight gain, acne, and other health related issues. When you’re awake late at night, it’s likely you can get hungry. Late night snacking can lead to weight gain because our bodies metabolism starts to slow down before we sleep. Not getting enough sleep can also cause acne because of stress, excess sweat, etc. When teens get enough sleep, they can avoid these issues. 

Having nap time would be a great idea for high schoolers to catch up on sleep and improve their health. By getting more rest, we will be able to focus better and get better grades. Even just 30 minutes of extra sleep could help. With this plan, students will be feeling and looking their best.