Red Rhythm finds new ways to perform halftime


Kasey Harvey

Finding new ways to perform, Red Rhythm makes adjustments to their halftime performance during the varsity basketball game.

Hannah Beeler, Staff Reporter

Red Rhythm is finding new ways to dance on despite the pandemic with the group performing during halftime at the girls’ varsity basketball game Wednesday. 

“Red Rhythm’s performance will differ this year because the team will be wearing masks and cannot sit and watch the basketball game,” assistant director Sarah Cadungug said via email. “They will only be able to perform then leave.”

The team will also be socially distanced throughout their performance.

“I think the biggest challenge we’ve faced are holes in our formations due to people being quarantined,” junior Maija Brandish said via text. “It can make it difficult for us to maintain clean formations, and the people being quarantined miss out on practice. However, having people missing has also helped us memorize counts because it’s kept us from relying on others to know timing.”

Many members such as junior lieutenant Melia Terry believe that any chance to perform in front of a live audience is a good opportunity. 

“A prominent advantage of this upcoming basketball performance is getting the opportunity to perform in front of a crowd before we attend our contest,” Terry said via text. “In addition it’s our first time performing our contest dances in front of an audience so it’s an amazing chance to really soak up the excitement of contest season and enjoy performing alongside one another.”