Free PSAT/SAT prep available through Khan Academy


Caroline Attmore

With the new school year, students can get chromebooks from the district in the upcoming weeks.

Shreyas Viswanathan, Staff Reporter

In order to get a headstart to prepare for the PSAT/SAT, students can link their CollegeBoard account to the free SAT course offered by Khan Academy and create a customized online practice schedule that can be based on PSAT scores. 

“From the student’s college board account when accessing their PSAT scores- there is a tab on the left side of the screen that says practice SAT,” College and Career facilitator, Leslie Thompson said. “This will take them through the process of trying to link their scores again.  When a student links their PSAT scores with the Khan Academy, the Khan Academy looks at a student’s weaknesses from their PSAT scores, and the tutorials are patterned off those weaknesses.

All juniors will have the opportunity to take the SAT free of cost on campus on March 3 with no registration required. 

“I think having free sources such as Khan Academy is great and is a must,” junior Nabeel Saleem said via text. “It’s a great tool because it takes your scores and sets up a plan for you to be prepared for SAT. I for one believe that most people need to have self-learning to max out their sat score. I started preparing a year ago and through khan academy and other resources like sat prep books. I’m expecting the SAT to be like any other practice tests I’ve been taking through books and Khan Academy since I should be fine as long as I keep practicing.”

Sophomore Samantha Natividad is hopeful that achieving a good score on the SAT can show colleges the virtues of being committed, disciplined, and hardworking.

“Since I didn’t do so well on the math section of the PSAT, I can definitely improve by not only reviewing topics that have been taught already but also get additional help from teachers if necessary,” Natividad said. “One thing I’m really proud of is how well I did on the reading and writing section because I was expecting it to be way more challenging than how it looked. My expectations for the next time I take the PSAT/SAT are to be more confident, stay more focused, and of course, maximizing my score as much as possible. I believe that the number one thing colleges look for in students is commitment and initiative, so I hope to demonstrate those qualities to them via the tests and work hard to the best of my abilities to achieve my dream score.”