Dancing into the three day weekend


Preparations for contest season are underway for the Red Rhythm Dance Team with the face-to-face contest set for Saturday and Feb. 27 for the virtual competition.

Hannah Beeler, Staff Reporter

Red Rhythm will be dancing their hearts out at this year’s competition on Saturday.

“Contest is where we get to show our routines to judges and compete against other dance teams,” first lieutenant senior Annie Tian said via text. “This year it is at a hotel that way everyone can be more spread out and it’s also a block schedule so contest day becomes much shorter and we should be done around early afternoon.”

The team will perform a jazz, military, and novelty dance for the competition.

“The team has faced many challenges and overcome all of them,” sophomore Jane Li said via text. “In the beginning of the year, half of the team members were online so it was a little hard to get everyone on the same page. A lot of good communication had to happen in order for everyone to know what was happening. Also wearing a mask and dancing while social distancing was another obstacle but our team dances were choreographed, make sure that no one touches anyone and that everyone can stay safe.”

Sophomore Gabby Stiles believes there will be negative and positives to this year’s competition.

“A negative is that we will only attend one in person contest and it will only be for a small chunk of time,” Stiles said via text “However we do get to show off our hard work and I’m so grateful to be able to have this experience with the people I love.”