Juniors get more study time for SAT

Originally scheduled for Wednesday, exam now March 24


Jay Schlaegel

“I’m actually really grateful for the extra time we got because of the rescheduling. Three weeks of extra time is super helpful for prep and just going over strategies, so I’m trying to soak in as much as I can,” junior Neha Jarabandi said. “It gave me a lot more time to study. “

Aarya Oswal, Staff Reporter

Due to the winter storm that swept across the state of Texas during Feb. 14-18, the SAT test date for juniors that was originally scheduled for Wednesday, has been rescheduled for March 24.

The tests had not arrived in time for the school to administer the test, according to school principal Ashley Rainwater.

“There will be no SAT on March 3rd since shipping of the tests has been interrupted,” Rainwater said in the Feb. 22 newsletter, addressing the situation.

Even though the test date has been moved, juniors do not need to register for the test which is at no cost due to it being provided by the school.

Students such as junior Meghana Mandwadkar are relieved the test has been rescheduled.

“I feel relieved because even though I had a lot of time to study for the test, I have even more time,” Mandwadkar said. “I’m just hoping this will positively reflect upon my test performance overall.”

Being overwhelmed with school work, junior Tashnuva Ahmed seizes the opportunity to study for a few more days.

“For me I think it was actually helpful because we were all pretty overwhelmed with schoolwork which made it hard to prepare for the SAT,” Ahmed said. “So it’s kind of nice that we get some more time to study for it.”