Grading period ends with fewer required grades


Cooper Ragle

As a result of the snowstorm and freezing temperatures that hit North Texas Feb. 14-18, and two weeks off campus, students will have fewer required grades in all classed for the 3rd quarter which ends Friday.

Aarya Oswal, Staff Reporter

The fourth quarter of the school year starts Monday with the third quarter ending on Friday. However, with the recent extended time off school over the past month, the Frisco ISD officials decided to require four minor grades and two major as opposed to the six minor and two major.

Due to the extended time off, Pre-AP Algebra 2 teacher Kalynne Tweedie believes that the grade changes should be stress-free for students who are staying on top of their studies.

“I think that it should have taken the stress off of students not having to come back after essentially 2 weeks away from school and true learning to then cram 2-4 assessments in like a week,” Tweedie said. “Also, I don’t feel like one or two minor grades will affect the overall average that much if they are staying on top of their test grades since the tests are worth 60% of the grade

But according to Tweedie, it’s not just students that may benefit from fewer mandatory grades being required.

“Yes it was less stressful for me personally,” Tweedie said. “I didn’t have to rush to grade something to get it into the grade book before my deadlines since we can give a quiz over the current content that will be starting the new 9 weeks. Usually the last week of the 9 weeks is very stressful for teachers, so I’m perfectly fine about the changes they did for this quarter.”

For sophomore Shruti Shah, the change isn’t all positive.

“I have mixed opinions about this, I’m not going to lie. For most of my classes, I thought the changes were beneficial to me because my grades were already where I wanted them to be so I didn’t have to worry about doing well on the next quiz because, well, there wasn’t one. There were a few classes, however, where my grades weren’t where I wanted them to be, and I was depending on minor grades to bring them up.”