Online School of Choice Interest Survey due Friday


Kasey Harvey

The FISD+ program launched this year, and allows students to continue with fully online or hybrid learning. While the program has its benefits and drawbacks, it provides students with flexibility to accommodate the way they learn best.

Aarya Oswal, Staff Reporter

The deadline for parents to complete a Frisco ISD survey about their students’ interest in the possibility of future online learning opportunities closes Friday.

According to a Frisco ISD news release, “FISD is exploring the idea of an online School of Choice should changes be made at the state level during the current legislative session that would allow Frisco ISD to implement this option.”

To access the survey, parents can look for the tile labeled “Online School of Choice Interest Survey” located in the district’s parent portal via The Gateway

But for freshman Gia Singh, returning to campus is her priority as long as COVID-19 isn’t a factor. 

“If the pandemic is over and it is safe to go back to school then we should because I believe that virtual school lacks the valuable resources that campus has to offer,” Singh said. “I would consider this because virtual school has been easier for me and more flexible for some kids and harder for some, but if it’s safe to go back I would love to.”