Graduation getup ready for pickup


Brian Higgins

In their Jostens caps and gowns, the class of 2020 sits in the stands at their graduation ceremony last year. In almost a month, the Class of 2021 will join them in becoming Redhawk alumni, with caps and gowns available for pickup Wednesday and graduation scheduled for May 23 at the Ford Center at The Star.

Shreyas Viswanathan, Staff Reporter

Graduation cap and gown pickup for seniors is Wednesday from 12-2:30 p.m. as Jostens will be set up in the hallway in front of the gym for both in-person and virtual seniors.

“The basic price for cap and gown is $89,” campus secretary Karen Blackmon said. “Jostens has all different packages that you can purchase with announcements, thank you cards, etc.  ​If you order after the deadline for delivery at Liberty, Jostens will mail your cap and gown to you directly to your home.  We will not have students wait until graduation day to receive their cap and gown. ​​If the gown doesn’t fit for some reason, we will have extras on-site at graduation. I do check that all graduates are good as they line up for graduation that day.”

Having the opportunity to experience a normal graduation and start a new chapter in her life is something that senior Siri Kothapalli is excited about.

I never really expected a normal graduation, but I thought it would be a little better than last year’s considering we’ve had a whole year to figure stuff out, but I’m still glad I get to walk the stage with my classmates,” Kothapalli said. “I would rather go in person to pick up my cap and gown early, it would suck if I got it the day of and it ended up being too short/long.  I’m excited to go to college! It’s exciting to think that in a few months I’ll be in a completely new environment with completely different people. It’ll definitely be a little difficult to adjust from living at home, but I’m excited.”

Students will be required to show a photo ID on Wednesday to pick theirs up their cap and gown.

The thought of graduation has seniors such as Sarah Ahmed looking ahead to college. 

After graduating, I am looking most forward to going to college and making new friends,” she said. “I think college allows you to truly surround yourself with many individuals that have similar career interests, so I am excited for that. I don’t really consider the graduation planned for May to be normal. I do however think that it is the best option to conduct a graduation given the current circumstances. I am really grateful that I still get this milestone as my class and I have missed out on so much.”