Medical Terminology students explore learning styles on their own


Roy Nitzan

Students in Medical Terminology explore their individual preferred styles of learning about the urinary system.

Aarya Oswal, Staff Reporter

Students in Medical Terminology are taking a turn away from their usual learning styles, which consists of taking notes, by choosing the way they want to learn about the urinary system.

Students had to take a VARK learning quiz to understand the method they learned information the best. Using this information, Medical Terminology teacher, Kari Lark, created a bunch of different assignments depending on the various learning types for the students to choose how they want to learn.

“Students choose specific activities based on their learning style,” Lark said. “They had the opportunity to do the vark learning style assessment first to learn more about their learning style, and the choice board is set up in such a way that the student can explore his/her learning styles. It’s important for everyone to understand their specific learning style so they can explore activities that are made based around that. This way each person will retain as much information about the unit they way they prefer.”

Students get to choose from a variety of options such as being teacher of the day or creating an actual game board to retain information about the urinary system. 

“I think the choice boards are better than our usual learning style which is basically notetaking because it allows you to go more in depth with the material rather than copying blindly off the textbook,” sophomore Vinay Pattanashettar said. “We get the freedom to choose how we want to learn, and in my opinion, that’s the best way to learn. I usually wouldn’t pick making a board game, which is completely optional, by the way, to do my assignment, but I had so much time so I decided why not, and honestly, since I’ve never done anything like this, I really enjoyed this assignment.”