Featured Athlete: Slater Eggen

Grade: 11| Sport: Wrestling


Harley Classe, Assistant Sports Editor

Wingspan: When did you start wrestling?

Eggen: “I started wrestling with other freshmen before my freshman year.

Wingspan: Who encouraged you to start wrestling?

Eggen: “My brother and some of the seniors my freshman year who had wrestled with my brother.”

Wingspan: What is the hardest part about wrestling?

Eggen: “The hardest part about wrestling is the mental aspect, being able to push yourself mentally to be able to attack a workout and have the mentality to destroy the guy in front of you.”

Wingspan: What’s your favorite part about wrestling?

Eggen: “I love how close all the wrestlers are and how supportive the atmosphere is. If you work hard everyone will love you and I like that.”

Wingspan: Who is your biggest role model?

Eggen: “My brother is my biggest role model because he had the mentality of a beast and didn’t allow himself to lose. Also, he is a good teammate and supporter.”

Wingspan: What is one thing people think about wrestling that isn’t actually true?

Eggen: “People think that wrestling is a waste of time or that it’s weird that you’re ‘touching’ another person I guess, but really it helps you with intensity and it’s a battle of strength.”

Wingspan: Do you have any superstitions?

Eggen: “My warmup. I have to jump back and forth in a pattern, then random, then pattern, then I have to vertically jump before the match twice.”

Wingspan: Do you have a pre-match routine?

Eggen: “I just shadow wrestle, which is when you go throw your moves and what you want to do without a partner and then do some fast paced exercise.”