Frisco ISD explores public-private partnership for fine arts facility


Dea Divi

Plans for a public-private partnership with the City of Frisco and developer Craig Hall with FISD are in motion. The goal is to build a fine arts facility in Hall Park that would be an opportunity for many students and staff.

Erika Pernis, Managing Editor

Frisco ISD is moving ahead with plans for a public-private partnership with the City of Frisco and developer Craig Hall with the goal to build a fine arts facility in Hall Park that would be an opportunity for many students and staff to expand performing and visual arts education. 

“Just hearing about this new center dedicated to fine arts is really exciting for me,” junior orchestra student Samantha Natividad said. “I think it’s a great way for both staff and students to have better music or performing arts education and also to just get a special place made just for them to perform for themselves and the community.”

The Frisco ISD Board of Trustees has already approved a Frisco ISD-owned main performance hall with around 1,250-1,500 seats.

 “This facility will be a home for thousands of Frisco ISD students who participate in the visual and performing arts,” Frisco ISD School Board President René Archambault said in a Frisco ISD news article. “It is yet another example of the City and school district coming together to create a unique community destination that will showcase the skills and abilities of our talented FISD students.”

When the fine arts facility was first envisioned by the community group charged with examining district needs prior to the 2018 bond program, committee members stressed an interest in the district exploring a public-private partnership.

In 2018 FISD voters authorized $43 million for a multi-purpose fine arts auditorium, including instructional, training and office space. Since then, the district has met with several potential partners regarding Frisco ISD’s needs and the potential for collaboration.

Through meetings with different potential partners regarding this new partnership to create the facility, FISD is hoping to emphasize that the importance of new opportunities for students in the fine arts department is the overriding concept.

“Frisco ISD looks forward to collaborating with the City of Frisco and Craig Hall on a development that will benefit students, the community and taxpayers at large,” Frisco ISD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Mike Waldrip said in a Frisco ISD news article. “Voters entrusted the District with bond funds for a new fine arts facility in 2018, and we are eager to expand student opportunity with even more collaborative performances, events and competitions.” 

A new fine arts facility is designed to create new and beneficial experiences for both faculty and staff.

“In a district rich with a variety of student programs, fine arts participation is booming with 51 percent of high schoolers, 80 percent of middle schoolers and 100 percent of elementary students participating in a robust and relevant fine arts education,” Frisco ISD’s Managing Director of Fine Arts Pete Hazzard said in a Frisco ISD news article. “This facility allows for immersive and integrated interconnectedness where students and faculty will work together to create artistic experiences that push the boundaries of what is currently possible.”