Rock is dead

Aden McClune, Staff Reporter

The Rolling Stones drumming legend Charlie Watts passed away on Tuesday, and a wave of news articles and “tribute” advertisements and playlists materialized on streaming platforms. I read an article almost right after it broke, and it hit me. Most of the music I enjoy is dead, or at least the people making them are, or they might as well be. These people are past their prime.

I tried listening to Ozzy Osbourne’s new stuff, primarily Ordinary Man, and it really makes your ears bleed. The Beatles haven’t put anything out (obviously) in fifty years, but I still find myself listening to the same old stuff over and over again. I wouldn’t force my worst enemy to listen to anything The Rolling Stones put out past 1981, nor would I make him watch an Iron Maiden concert today.

Maybe I’m the problem. Maybe I, like many others, need to move on and find new bands, and I have. Lots of new stuff I enjoy comes out regularly, but I still find myself gravitating towards the same old bands in the end. My comfort bands. Anyways, the “Get Back” documentary by Peter Jackson is coming out soon, so I’ll have a full six hours to obsess over my dead idols in November.

At least I can always look forward to the 100th Anniversary of Abbey Road when I’m sixty-six.