Dress code looks a little different this year


Zain Rahmani

The first quarter of the year just ended with many teachers and students getting used to the different learning environment compared to last year.

Aarya Oswal, Staff Reporter

Back to school fashion may have a slight different look this year as the school has adjusted its dress code allowing students a little more freedom in the choices they make when wearing their clothes.

“Some of the changes that we have are that students are now allowed to wear hats and hoodies,” assistant principal Tony Escoto said. “All that we ask is that it doesn’t obstruct the face. Also there’s really not a length on shorts, we just want to make sure students are wearing them appropriately. Same thing with girls and their tank tops – make sure the straps width is more than two finger lengths wide. As long as underclothing is covered up, we’re okay.”

Escoto claims the reason for the change in regulation is due to committee meetings that were held by members of the FISD community that brought the attention to the board.

“The district has this committee that involves students, teachers, parents, administrators, and higher district officials and during that committee meeting, they asked the kids if there was something in the dress code that we could change, and also asked them why they want that change,” Escoto said. “It was all to make sure kids feel comfortable at school and to let them be sure that this is a safe place for them”

Previously, students weren’t allowed to wear any head coverings such as hoodies and hats, and junior Jacob Crochet likes this alteration to the dress code. 

“I am actually happy with these dress code changes since I think people should be able to wear whatever they want,” Crochet said. “Obviously there are some restrictions, which is unfortunate, but it’s whatever. Also, like, in the case of hoodies, what’s the point of wearing them, if you can’t even wear the hoods up. That’s just a waste in my opinion, so I’m glad we’re allowed to wear them now.”

However, some, like sophomore Gia Singh, think the changes in regulations aren’t enough as it still targets mostly what girls get to wear in school.

“I think the dress code could further be improved by not judging the lengths of shorts and such things. I am still not over the fact that we can’t wear spaghetti straps, since it’s always so hot here and tank tops are the only time I feel comfortable,” Singh said. “On the plus side, I like that we can wear hoodies and hats now, but I’m still not impressed by the obviously female directed clothing regulations. Something needs to be done about that issue.”