Josten gives annual class ring presentation


Yael Even

Jostens paid a visit to seniors on Wednesday to give information class rings.

Aarya Oswal, Staff Reporter

Graduation is more than a year away, but Jostens was on campus Wednesday making their annual class ring presentation during advisory to  juniors.

Jostens’ Chris Harper, who gave the presentation on the rings, explained the meaning and history behind the class rings and why students should consider getting them

“It started all the way back in Westpoint Military, when the cadets decided they wanted to have something locking their memories and visibly show others the challenges and the things they went through, and the trend just grew from there nationwide,” Harper said. “The thing about high school class rings is that this is the time that you really develop who you are and what your story is. So like 20 years from now, whenever you pull that ring out, you look at it, and it brings back all those memories.”

Junior Amy Smith looks forward to getting the token from Jostens to hold onto when she goes to college.

“I might get the ring,” Smith said. “What attracted me to the ring was the idea of a keepsake from high school. Something to hold with me when I go off to college, [however] I think it may be too expensive because not everyone will be able to get this ring, which in the end, keeps a lot of students from getting a keepsake from high school. ”

Others, however, like junior Sarah Schindall, don’t see the point of the rings and would use photos as memorabilia rather than the class rings.

“I’m not sure, to be honest, if I really even want the rings,” Schindall said. “In my opinion, it’s a little overpriced than what it’s worth. I don’t really see the need for it, since I can always look back on old pictures from these high school days to remember the good times, I don’t really need a ring for that.”