Theater renovations pushed to October


Rachel Kim

Scheduled for the next upcoming weeks, the theater department’s auditorium upgrades will likely be beginning in October.

Rishika Desai, Staff Reporter

Due to COVID-19, the auditorium likely won’t get working sound or light capabilities until October. 

“COVID has caused a lot of backup, so it’s not really an issue of the boards getting lost, or somebody doing something wrong,” tech theatre teacher Laura Darce said. “It’s that the supply chain is backed up so things are just being slowed down. It’s the same thing that’s happening with the car industry right now.” 

The new sound and light board were part of the auditorium renovations done over the summer, but they haven’t yet reached the school. 

“I kind of expected to come to school and be able to work with the new sound and light systems on the first day,” sophomore Rhythm Chand said. “But now we have to wait a long, long time.” 

The renovators took the old equipment, leaving no other option but to wait. 

“They told me that we would have to wait until October, and I said, well okay, we can just use the one from last year,” Darce said. “But over the summer, they took all of the cables and equipment we needed to be able to operate them, so we’re kind of stuck now.” 

Though the delay has caused problems and a bit of stress, Darce is optimistic that everything will work out. 

“I wanted to start the students on them as soon as possible, especially because we need new time to figure out new equipment, plus we have our fall musical coming up,” Darce said. “But we’ll figure it out. Somehow we always do.”