Floral design holds mum hospital


Minuki Medis

Mums and Garters make an appearance on campus in honor of homecoming. Floral design classes are holding a mum hospital and potentially fix mums and garters that may have been jostled with during the day.

Cooper Ragle, WTV Executive Producer

With homecoming week in full gear, students will be wearing their mums and garters to school Thursday.

With the pieces being worn all day, there’s the possibility of items being jostled or broken.

In attempts to combat this problem, the students of floral design will be holding a mum hospital to fix injured garters and mums.

“I think the mum hospital’s a really good idea, I feel like mums have lots of parts and pieces, so it’s gonna be really cool that in case something falls off that it can be put back together. A lot of people are gonna have them so I think a lot of people are gonna benefit.”

Repairs will be available all periods, except third, in E101.