Texas Trio event offers seniors information about admissions process


Prachurjya Shreya

Property taxes in Texas are one of the biggest issues being discussed by the Texas legislature right now with many lawmakers hoping to lower taxes. In August, Frisco ISD lowered its tax rate for the year, but in general, Texans pay a higher proportion of their home value toward property taxes, than homeowners in almost every other state.

Rachel Kim, Staff Reporter

Texas A&M, Texas Tech, and the University of Texas at Austin are hosting a virtual Texas Trio event Wednesday from 6 – 7:30 p.m. when Frisco ISD 12th grade students and parents can learn more about the admissions and application process for each institution. 

Having the chance to have college admission counselors speak to students allows for new policies and potential student questions to be discussed.

“There are changes this year with many schools moving to “test-optional,” and they will speak to this new policy,” counselor Andrea Douglas said. “The representatives at this event are very knowledgeable, and after they present, there is usually time for Q&A. Seniors thinking about applying to one of these schools should attend.”

For senior Neha Jarabandi, college events such as these provide an opportunity to learn more about the specifics of a campus. 

“ I think, generally, college events are so beneficial to learning about an institution,” Jarabandi said. “Each school has a slightly unique admissions, financial aid, and scholarship process, so being able to actively ask questions with admissions counselors and other members of the team helps us navigate our college journey much easier!” 

From cost to education, Jarabandi believes there are numerous benefits in staying in-state.  

“The advancements and innovation in education at the university level are really shining through with the curriculum taught at college,” Jarabandi said. “So not only do Texas schools have a cheaper cost for tuition, but also their content is one of the most engaging and complex, making us more prepared for our careers outside of the university.”