Choir’s “Fall”-la-la-la concert Thursday evening

Wingspan TV

Trinity Williams, WTV Staff Reporter

First concerts and performances of the year tend to be a big deal, as they showcase what students have been working on from just nine weeks in action.

This evening, the Redhawk choir will be holding their fall concert in the auditorium, beginning at 7 pm.

After an entire year of virtual practices, tonight’s concert has been long anticipated for choir director Toni Ugolini.

“I think fall of 2019 was the last time we had all of our choir kids just for our concert,” Ugolini said. “And so they put a lot of work into this, and we’re just really excited to share live music again with everybody.”

For choir students, getting to perform live is exciting.

“I really like how our fall concert [is very] diverse,” Varsity choir student Caroline Caruso said. “We have one song this year that originates from Indian culture, we have one song that originates from Ireland. I just find it really cool because it challenges us as musicians to grow and to step out of our comfort zones sometimes, and just to appreciate other music from around the world.”

Beyond the excitement, Ugolini won’t be surprised if she feels other emotions as well.

“I’ll probably feel overwhelmed a little bit,” she said. “It’s just it has been two years since this has happened. I’ll probably cry a little bit, just because of the joy. We get to share this with people and it’s not just in our bedroom to a computer screen. We’re getting to make this music together, for an audience to appreciate.”