Walking and learning


Hannah Beeler

Taking notes in the hallway, English IV students took part in a gallery walk Wednesday and Friday as they learned about the Renaissance. “It makes you think more than a traditional classroom setting,” senior Temwa Symalla said.

Emily Thomas, Staff Reporter

English IV students tackled the Renaissance Wednesday and Thursday in the form of a gallery walk with students learning in a more creative way.

“It’s a different way to give them notes,” Glidwell said. “ Rather than stand there and lecture and they get bored, they get to walk around the building, they’re on their feet, they’re taking notes, they’re learning about the Renaissance. They get to learn on their feet rather than be bored on their butts.”

For students such as Jeremy Hussey, being able to learn on his feet is better than sitting in the classroom listening to a lecture.

“I like gallery walks because I feel like it engages the students more and it kind of excites them to complete the assignment,” Hussey said. “It also gives them incentive to pay attention, and it gives us a chance to actually absorb the material.”

Gaining knowledge from the assignment, senior Temwa Symalla hopes to participate in more assignments like the gallery walk this year.

“Gallery walks are nice because you get an example of what other people are doing and you’re able to see new information,” Symalla said. “It makes you think more than a traditional classroom setting. It is also more fun to be able to walk around and learn from other people rather than just listening to a teacher lecture. I am looking forward to doing more assignments like this one.”