Random Thoughts: introspection in dreams


Hanl Brown

Staff reporter Aden McClune shares his perspective on various issues in his weekly column, Random Thoughts.

Aden McClune, Staff Reporter

Ever since I was little, I have always had very vivid and very interesting dreams. More often than not I’ll wake up each morning and have a fantastical recollection of whatever bizarre shenanigans my subconscious seemed to be fascinated with that evening. I always write them down if I can help it, waking up and scribbling something down, or even typing it down in the notes on my phone. 

But they’re not always fun and games. Especially recently, I’ve been having anxiety-ridden, horrifying dreams. I’m always worried about something. I’ll be missing a train, or being lost, or most recently, I’ll be in school, with the rotunda and cafeteria replaced with a Target, but all the shelves are completely empty and I can’t get what I need for my next class. 

I personally don’t completely buy some arguments that dreams are nothing but a series of electrical impulses, randomly shot out by your brain with no discernible meaning. I think that dreams, while not being completely accurate, and never something to swear by, do give one insight on their daily lives, and especially if the dream is uncomfortable, what they might be worried about, or what they need to change in their lives. 

Dreams are important, and while they might not have all the answers to life’s mysteries, they can at the very least give an opportunity to look inside yourself.