Frisco ISD hosting new TREaT event to promote literacy and local businesses


Roy Nitzan

The TREaT program hosted by FISD is having Frisco students, staff, and families to discuss books in participating small businesses.

Rachel Kim, Staff Reporter




On Saturday, Frisco ISD is hosting a new district-wide event that aims to encourage literacy while contributing to local restaurants and cafés. 

TREaT (Together Reading Eating and Talking), invites Frisco ISD students, families, and employees to bring any literary work to read and discuss at participating businesses. 

For junior Sarah Chung, partaking in Frisco’s TREaT event allows her to help local eateries while devoting time to one of her interests.  

“I want to participate in this event because I believe it is a great way to promote literacy while being able to support our community,” Chung said. “I [also] gain time to spend doing a hobby I enjoy.” 

Frisco ISD has partnered with local businesses to offer specials and discounts to anyone who mentions they are in support of the District’s TREaT event. 

Senior Neha Jarabandi believes that events such as these can provide many benefits for participating restaurants. 

“The event is definitely helpful for small businesses because of the spotlight they’re receiving,” Jarabandi said. “Since the event is being hosted by the City of Frisco, the stores will have a wider target audience to sell their products to and hopefully keep them coming back after they visit!” 

Not only does the TREaT event allow for many opportunities for local eateries, but it also enables youth to find value and appreciation in reading. 

“I think fostering a love of reading in young kids is such an important thing. Creating that foundation can be so beneficial for them later on in life- not only is reading important in school, it’s extremely important after school and can just enrich our daily lives in general,” junior Sherry Hu said. ”I think reading is a thing that sticks with us throughout our lives and it’s so crucial that we lay that foundation for kids when they’re still young and eager to learn.”

Librarians all around the district are thrilled to launch this shared opportunity to recognize the importance of learning.   

“Libraries are all about bringing people together, and we are excited to unite the community of Frisco ISD through this one-day event that celebrates the power of reading,” Frisco High School librarian Mindy Purcell said. “Connecting over a shared enjoyment of reading, modeling reading and talking about reading are important parts of developing young learners.”