Featured Athlete: Ashley Anderson


Courtesy of Ashley Anderson

Wingspan’s Featured Athlete for 11/30 is basketball player, senior Ashley Anderson.

Emily Thomas, Staff Reporter

Wingspan: What is your favorite part of playing basketball?

Anderson: “My favorite part about basketball is the competitive nature. Whether it’s in practice or a game you are always competing with yourself and your teammates. This is also my favorite part because when it gets down to the important moments such as championship games, the only thing that matters is competing to win.”

Wingspan: How did you get started playing basketball?

Anderson: “I’m honestly not sure how I got into it, none of my parents played it, it just kind of happened. I played every sport when I was little but I ended up having to pick one because my schedule was too busy so I stayed with basketball.It was the sport that was always more fun to me and I’m glad I decided to stay with it because it’s taught me so much.”

Wingspan: What has been your biggest challenge this season?

Anderson: “My biggest challenge this season has been filling in an important role. Last year the team had 4 people that played important roles graduate,and it’s my responsibility to fill one of those. This has been pretty challenging because I’ve had to higher my IQ and become a better player on and off the court.”

Wingspan: Who has been your biggest inspiration throughout your basketball career?

Anderson: “My biggest inspiration has been Kevin Durant. He has taught me so much not only in the basketball world but just overall. I just have always looked up to the way he controls the game and uses his strengths to outsmart the defender. He always bounces back from hardships and never lets negativity affect him, this has taught me to just move on even after a mistake on the court.”

Wingspan: Do you have any pre game rituals?

Anderson: “During away games I listen to a whole playlist on the bus and when we get ready in the locker room. But during home games it’s a little different because we don’t have as much time before pregame. I listen to That’s life by Frank Sinatra. This song explains how things happen but you just have to move on and that’s my mentality I bring to the court.”

Wingspan: What does a typical practice look like for girls basketball?

Anderson: “We typically start with roll out and dynamics to warm up our body’s. Then we move into skills or shooting drills, after that we will either scout for an opponent or go over our plays. Then we will watch film on ourselves or the opponent to see how they play certain situations.”