Chromebooks distributed to Redhawk staff


Starting Tuesday, teachers are getting Chromebooks to use in their classroom.

Rishika Desai, Staff Reporter

The library is distributing new Chromebooks to all teachers on Tuesday as part of the school’s technology refresh next year. 

“We’re gonna go through getting new computers,” digital learning teacher Nicole Lotz said. “Teachers are going to have Chromebooks that will allow them to move about the room and kind of facilitate their teaching differently than being stuck in the front where their desktop has been positioned since the school’s been built.” 

Lotz believes that the new Chromebooks will allow teachers to be more interactive with their students. 

“It gives the teachers that flexibility to move about the room so they won’t be stuck at the front of the room so they can actually be within the conversations that students are having and give them more opportunities to just help the students and be closer to them compared to being stuck up at the front and having to be there the entire time running the class,” Lotz said. 

Math teacher Julia Ridgeway thinks teachers can use Chromebooks to help students learn more effectively. 

“I think they will be used for next year, they’re going to be doing a lot more screencasting onto the projector, and a lot of teachers don’t have iPad’s and stuff,” she said. “Because it is a touchscreen Chromebook, you can draw on it or do math problems, which could help a lot more teachers to be more dynamic in the classroom.”