ERCOT releases projections for winter


Cooper Ragle

Winter Storm Uri happened almost a year ago causing a lost of power across the state. Recently, ERCOT released a report on the improvements made to the power grid and what would happen if there were another storm this winter.

Aarya Oswal, Staff Reporter

Earlier this year, just a few months ago, a devastating winter storm left Texas in a state of peril and insecurity for weeks. Many were left without electricity, water, and other basic necessities.

The power grid company, ERCOT, which provides electricity to 26 million homes and other establishments, failed during the winter freeze in February causing many to criticize the grid operators’ failure to take proper measurements to ensure the same situation does not occur this winter.

Recently, ERCOT released an official statement regarding projections for the upcoming winter, and the statement claimed that Texans face a similar fate in a power capacity shortage if an extreme winter arrives in Texas once more.

Many like Texas A&M University professor Andrew Dessler are criticizing ERCOT’s inaction in relation to the seasonal demand predictions of a severe winter storm this winter as well.

“But there’s a real ‘rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic’ vibe to ERCOT energy policy, so I’m doubtful these things will make a huge difference,” Dessler said via Twitter. “Perhaps future actions will improve the resilience of the grid, but they’re not going to help this winter.”