Featured Athlete: Keyera Roseby


Provided by Keyera Roseby

Wingspan’s Featured Athlete for 1/6 is basketball player, sophomore Keyera Roseby.

Emily Thomas, Staff Reporter

Wingspan: What’s the difference between playing at Liberty, and playing at Wylie?

Roseby: “The difference between playing here and at Wylie is they take basketball way more seriously here, than at Wylie. We are also more focused and more locked in here and we work harder than Wylie East.”

Wingspan: Liberty is known for our girls basketball program as they have gone to state for three consecutive years now, how do you feel like the pressure of upholding this makes you and your team better?

Roseby: “I think the pressure is high sometimes, but you just have to know that everytime you get on the court you have to provide and produce for your team. We know our plays on the team, and we all want to win the game so that really adds to our success.”

Wingspan: Girls basketball played Duncanville over break, and it was a pretty close game. How has this game affected your confidence going into the rest of the season?

Roseby: “Well as you know Duncanville is a really good team and we all came in knowing what we had to do. We all wanted to win the game, and us only losing in overtime by three gave us confidence because of how good they are.”

Wingspan: Do you have any pre game rituals?

Roseby: “I definitely pray before every game, and just ask God for specific things. I do the same prayer before every game, and I just ask him that he lets me play a great game, lets us win, and lets us play without any injuries, but ya overall I just ask him to let us perform well.”

Wingspan: What is your favorite part about basketball?

Roseby: “That’s hard, I have never really thought about that. I guess I would say the games. Game days are the best. Having a game is for sure my favorite part, I love the environment.” 

Wingspan: What’s something you are hoping to improve on this season?

Roseby: “It would have to be getting all the plays down, and being more active on the court. I want to try and just not do the same thing that I always do.”

Wingspan: What has been your favorite memory this season?

Roseby: “When we went to Amarillo. It was so fun, just being around the team, and winning both games, and having that experience with my teammates.”