Redhawks hoping to bounce back against the Warriors


courtesy of @LibertyRedhawk on Twitter

The Redhawk basketball team begin the second round of District 9-5A play this Tuesday. The girls’ team will lead, followed by the boys who will go head to head with the Warriors at 8:00 p.m. at Memorial.

Haley Ward, Sports Reporter

The Redhawks take on the Warriors when they travel to Memorial High School on Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. for a District 9-5A boys’ basketball matchup.

“This team has done a good job of when they’ve made mistakes throughout the season of bouncing back,” assistant coach Bruce Wright said. “So hopefully, they’ve got kind of a bad taste in their mouth and you know, big game [tonight] and they’re going to be ready to go and correct those mental mistakes on the defensive end.”

After a loss to Reedy on Friday, the team is aiming to bounce back against a 7-0 Memorial.

“We were already pretty motivated for this memorial game. Everybody knew since like, a couple of games into the season that this was going to be a good game,” junior Kaden Groom said. “You don’t ever plan to lose to a team but we’ve only lost a few times. But every loss that we’ve taken, we’ve been really good at reflecting on why we lost, how we lost and being able to put it behind us and we always come out better and stronger and it’s not really a loss since we’re learning from it. So we’ll be ready to go.”