What’s brewin’ at fILTER(ed) Coffee in McKinney?



Guest Contributor Charlotte Cleckler shares her experience at McKinney’s cozy coffee and tea shop, fILTER(ed).

Charlotte Cleckler, Guest Contributor

Whether you’re spending time with friends and family or studying for a final exam, Downton McKinney’s fILTER(ed) is the perfect place to do it all. 

The calming coffee and tea shop first welcomes you with dim lights and soft music when entering, followed by kind greetings by employees. 

An array of coffee and tea selections are shown on a chalkboard with homemade pastries near the register. 

Filled with bar stools, benches, tables, and lounging chairs both inside and outside, you can find the perfect spot to chat with friends and colleagues or work on a school project or business assignment. 

Compared to many chain coffee shops, fILTER(ed) displays a wide variety of sizes for drinks. Although it is easy to spend $5-10 at the establishment, customers walk away with a larger size than at the local Starbucks.

The London Fog is perfect for sweet and savory lovers, as the typically hot drink’s foamy milk with vanilla syrup is sweet, resembling the taste of froot loops, while its earl grey tea holds its strong savory flavor. 

If you are an espresso lover, the “Fidel” is for you. The iced breve cappuccino is made with cuban espresso and house-made vanilla. Holding a sweetness in the vanilla flavoring, the fidel also holds its strong espresso flavor throughout the drink. Offered hot or iced, the drink can be perfect for any weather.