Three Redhawks showcase projects in Collin County Jr. Livestock Show


Provided by Tommy Carter

The Carter brothers exhibited their Agriculture Mechanics project at the Collin County Jr. Livestock Show. For this, they built an 11 foot, 5 door barbecue pit .

Kiara Hinz and Erika Pernis

Three Redhawks are representing the school’s FFA program at the Collin County Jr. Livestock Show in various contests that end Saturday, with seniors Mack Carter and Addie Elliston, and sophomore Tommy Carter (sophomore), showcasing projects they have been working on for months.

“Students are more than prepared for the county show,” FFA teacher Brittney Avant said. “Each show team has different ways that they prepare their teams to make sure both the students and animals are ready for the show.”

Competing in the swine category, Elliston spent a lot of dedicated time with her pig getting her ready for the show.

“I show a pig whose name is Charlotte. She is a crossbreed. There is a lot involved and dedicated to raising,” she said. “I have to feed her every morning before school and every day after school /work I also have to walk her with a show stick everyday for about 30 min or more she gets baths about once a week and we also have to weigh her once or twice a week and send the pigs weight to the ag teacher to get farther direction on our feed and what we need to do farther along.”

Senior Mack Carter and his brother sophomore Tommy Carter exhibited their Agriculture Mechanics project and won first place in their categories. 

“For our project, we built an 11 foot, 5 door barbecue pit in our Agriculture Mechanics class,” Mack said. 

“My brother and I have always bonded over building this type of stuff,” Tommy Carter said. “We have both been doing it together since we were little.”