Student council applications now open

Daniel Memaran

Daniel Memaran, WTV Staff Reporter

Student council applications are now open for interested sophomores and juniors.

From planning homecoming to organizing pep rallies, StuCo helps with various events around the school.

For StuCo vice president Paeton Davis, it’s a great way to be involved with campus life.

“You get to know about events around the school, get to plan homecoming, it is a great way to in school spirit and you get to be a part of a lot of community service projects,” Davis said.

There’s a limit to the number of students allowed in student council every year so the application process can be competitive.

“We look for people that see themselves as leaders of school,” Davis said. “People that have a good work ethic and people that are creative”

Senior Brady McNally has been in the class for two years and for him, it’s been a great experience.

“I am so grateful that I did that,” Mcnally said. “It has been great for myself, it has helped take my own perspective like just out of my own first-person point of view and see things in a birds-eye point of view, to see the community in school as a whole and see what you can do to help benefit it and help benefit your community.”