Acoustic Avenue: The South of Spain heard


Morgan Kong

Junior Ana Toro takes a dive into the world of music.

Ana Toro, Assistant Interactive Media Editor

This week I want to introduce you all to an artist I discovered over my COVID quarantine last week. Judeline, birth name Lara, is a young, new artist born in Jerez, Spain, and raised in Los Caños de Meca in the province of Cádiz. Her voice is something quite special and can be really relaxing.

Judeline released her debut EP de la luz (translation: “of the light”) on Friday and I decided to give it a listen. My initial thoughts on this EP were that it was very different from the music I usually hear from Spanish artists. Her voice is soft but her lyrics are beautiful. She was able to convey deeper messages in more subtle ways.

My favorites from this EP were “otro lugar • despertar” and “marisucia • noche.” “marisucia • noche” caught my attention because of the strange production of the song and how her voice fit so well with it. It taps into imagery and feels like you are standing on a rocky ledge at night looking over the shore of a deep blue beach. The song itself is very empowering as she talks about self-worth.

 “otro lugar • despertar” is a different vibe. It feels warmer than “marisucia • noche” in the sense that she uses more of her voice in this song. It’s more geared towards finding the man that she longs to love, who loves her back the same way.

This is one of the first pieces of art that has really been capable of getting to my imagination and creating scenery that feels like what I am listening to. It’s almost like seeing color when you listen to music.

I am very glad that I found Judeline and her beautiful voice. I can’t wait to hear what she comes up with next