Students meet with counselors in regards to schedules


Michael Martin

This week, students have been meeting with their counselors and talking through their schedules for next year in social studies classes. This is an opportunity for counselors to ensure students are meeting graduation requirements and have overall chosen classes that are well-suited for them.

Grant Milleson, Staff Reporter

Throughout the week during social studies classes and continuing Friday, students are having the chance to meet with their counselor about their schedules for the next school year.

“The district has a deadline for registration in early spring,” counselor Andrea Douglas said. “They determine the number of staff and need for courses based on the registration numbers. We look to be sure students are meeting graduation requirements and that they have the prerequisites for courses.”

During the meeting counselors check schedules to make sure the students are getting all of the required credits for graduation, and have chosen classes right for them.

“I think it’s a good idea to have meetings with the counselors because they know what credits you still need and they can help explain stuff that you don’t understand,” junior Isabelle Raade said. “They should continue it in later years because it helps everyone, especially freshmen with their four year plan.”

Junior Ben Hennel believes the meeting is a good way for students to connect with their counselor and ask questions about their plan for next year.

“The benefits to having the meetings with the councilors is that they are able to check in with the students and enable them to reach out if they need help,” Hennel said. “I do think it is a good idea that the councilors reach out to the students and hope they continue it in the later years of the school.”