Anatomy learns about their own anatomy through dissections

Alyssa Murphy

Alyssa Murphy, WTV Executive Producer

The past few weeks, Anatomy and Physiology science classes have been learning about the human brain.

To put the teachings into action, students got to dissect sheep brains to compare it to their own anatomy.

Interview: (jeremy lin- senior)

“So we dissected a sheep brain in class today,” senior Jeremy Lin said. “It’s actually really interesting because as it turns out the sheep brain is really close to a human brain and so we were able to take a really close look into what our brain would look like to a certain degree.”

For teacher Gerald Nichols, it’s an out-of-body learning experience for students.

“We do dissections cause with anatomy there is a lot of complex parts and especially with things like the brain in a diagram, it’s cool because you can see everything, but in reality when you cut open a brain it’s not gonna look the same as you think it would in a diagram.,” Nichols said. “We like to use those as a tool to be able to show the truth of what our organs look like and just give the students the experience to have more hands-on experiences.”