CTE expansion plan announced to fit student needs

Advik Dixit

Advik Dixit, WTV Staff Reporter

Plans for the expansion of the Frisco ISD CTE Center have been announced with the new additions increasing the center’s capability to serve more than 7500 students, an increase of 2500 students from today’s current capacity.

“So much has changed since Dr. Wes Cunningham and I opened the doors that first year,” said CTE Center Principal Dianna Manuel via Frisco ISD news release. “This year, we have more than 5,000 students walking our hallways engaging in classes and programs that didn’t exist 15 years ago, including esports and foreign service and diplomacy.”

The expansion will add 30 more classrooms, as well as convert current spaces into classrooms and renovate existing classrooms.

The completion of this expansion will allow the district to offer more classes such as advanced esports and artificial intelligence courses and allow more students to take high-demand existing classes such as health science.

“The campus was always meant to evolve with the needs and dreams of students,” said Cunningham, now Chief Academic Officer via Frisco ISD news release. “It is the home of future teachers, doctors, welders, horticulturalists, lawyers, engineers, cybersecurity specialists and so much more, and it will continue to evolve as students do.”

The district also works closely with industry and postsecondary partners such as Collin College and the University of North Texas to align CTE offerings

The expansion is expected to be finished and be open to students by the fall of 2024.