Acoustic Avenue: Aguilera’s return to Hispanic music

The singer’s new EP La Fuerza is entirely Spanish


Morgan Kong

Junior Ana Toro takes a dive into the world of music.

Ana Toro, Assistant Interactive Media Editor


Recently I was doing some digging and discovered that
Christina Aguilera had dropped a new EP called La Fuerza in Spanish, much to my surprise. It is common knowledge that she is Hispanic, given that her last name is very clearly of Hispanic descent. Her father is Ecuadorian and her mother is of European descent. 

I have never been a huge fan of Aguilera. Her voice and style of singing has never been my favorite, but I think I can put all those differences aside now that I have more insight on her life as a musician. It was weird to hear her sing in Spanish at first, but after some research I realized that she had released an album in 2000 called Mi Reflejo all in Spanish. That was interesting to me because I never knew that she had ever embraced her Latin roots.

Aguilera has an incredibly strong voice with immense power. It’s no wonder that Latin artists,  like Ozuna, Nathy Peluso, Becky G, and Nicki Nicole, who are featured on the EP, would be eager to work with her. Released Friday, this EP has got some pretty good tracks on it. My favorites are “La Reina,” “Ya Llegue,” “Santo” featuring Ozuna, and “Pa Mis Muchachas” featuring Becky G, Nicki Nicole, and Nathy Peluso.

“La Reina” is a fantastic and empowering song that fits Aguilera’s voice perfectly. It’s bold and dominant. “Santo” is another really cool track because of how Ozuna and Aguilera’s voices mesh perfectly while creating a fun atmosphere.

Though unexpected, this EP was really impressive. It asserts Aguilera’s clear dominance in the industry and demonstrates her incredible singing skills.