Anna Lyon


Cooper Ragle

Junior Anna Lyon is one of two candidates running for student council president. Voting starts Monday and ends Friday April 1st.

Alyssa Murphy, WTV Executive Producer


“So my goals as student body president is that I really want to make school spirit like more inclusive and have the students more involved with that so for like football games I don’t want people just going to only football games, I want basketball games too that’s a big thing to work on also volleyball games, softball games and school events in general I want more participation in that and how I plan on doing that is I really want to make advertising change and different for the next year so I’m thinking about having more productive Instagram panels or like Twitter postings for different classes kinda like how colleges do it and I kinda wanna have it so different student classes can vote on different spirit things I’m changing that for next year I want student involved with being able to provide ideas and feedback with that and also my big goal is that I want everybody to feel included when they’re at these games so for like band I really want themes that band can vote and participate on kinda like cheer on pink out days they have either pink uniforms I want the band to have things that they can participate in I’m not sure if they can wear leis or like zebra print I know they have probably rules for what they are allowed to wear but I want it to be that band can also participates in themes and also our drill team so our school looks more uniform and getting funding for that towards that alot im really working on school spirit and having everybody more connected.”


“I think personally my personality I’m very vocal and outgoing and like to make new connections with a lot of people I’m also very talkative so I hear things I like to hear peoples opinion on a lot of things and I’m very open to new ideas I’m not going to just incorporate my own ideas, which I think is important because being able to communicate with other people helps get ideas across and word of mouth if I hear a complaint I can work to change it, yeah I just think my personality because I’m friendly and it helps me form relationships and hears what they want.”


“I would want a lot of funding go towards  our  school spirit events like I said earlier funding towards cowbells boomwhackers and T-shirts for people to wear to be able to show that at the games but outside the games for school spirit I really want to work on connecting everyone by not just having only sports be posted in the rotunda on the stairwell, I want all events to be appreciated to where people can not feel afraid to show school spirit I also want the seniors to be really heavily incorporated on participating on events I know I can get my friends starting to be more involved in the school events and also have them promote school spirit and also during lunch I would like for people from different organizations and clubs and stuffs to come talk about their clubs and kinda get more students involvement to go around in the school because I know that some clubs and organizations are not as highlighted as other clubs and organizations so I want everyone to know and be aware of what’s going on and throughout the school.”