Student council presidential elections begin


Cooper Ragle

Voting for student council president opened this Monday. The candidate who does not win president will work with become the student body vice president.

Abir Faisal, WTV Staff Reporter

The 2022-2023 student council presidential elections have begun.

The presidential election for student council began yesterday.

Candidates Anna Lyon and Harley Classe were selected by student council to campaign for school votes.

“So the entire process to campaign as student body president kind of takes a lot of work behind the scenes and a lot of preparation beforehand,” student council president Alyssa Murphy said. “Whoever is not going to be president will become the vice president so student council narrowed both these candidates down just through after watching videos that they submitted so we went from five candidates to two candidates and those two candidates are running their campaigns throughout the school right now. So we’ll see who takes the top but either way I think both ladies will work very well with each other and I can’t wait to see how the 2022-2023 school year goes.”

Voting ends on Friday, April 1st.