Featured Athlete: Piper Dickson


Provided by Piper Dickson

Wingspan’s Featured Athlete for 2/24 is softball player, junior Piper Dickson.

Rachel Kim, Staff Reporter

Wingspan: Before the season began, how were you all preparing?

Dickson: “To prepare for the season, we switched off between weight room and skills as well as conditioning. We also played in a softball league to help us develop team chemistry.”

Wingspan: What has been the highlight of the season for the team?

Dickson: “A highlight of the season for the team was our first win against Lebanon Trail High School.”

Wingspan: What’s been your most memorable moment of being in softball?

Dickson: “My most memorable moments of being in softball are going to IHOP with my teammates after the games.”

Wingspan: What’s the most difficult part about this sport?

Dickson: “The most difficult part about softball is staying positive after making a simple mistake.”

Wingspan: Who’s your biggest inspiration?

Dickson: “My biggest inspiration is Maegan because she is a really talented player and is a great friend. She also helps me to improve my skills and become a better softball player.”