Featured Athlete: Ivana Odonkor


Provided by Ivana Odonkor

Wingspan’s Featured Athlete for 4/12 is track runner, junior Ivana Odonkor.

Emily Thomas, Staff Reporter

Wingspan: What has the team been focusing on this season?

Odonkor: “As of right now the team has been focusing on districts and competing and running our best to get to area. But over the season the team has been working on becoming a closer team as well as growing as a group as well as individually.”

Wingspan: What has been your favorite memory this season? 

Odonkor: “There are so many good memories of the season but I think mine would have to be seeing everyone improve in every meet as well as our continued pr’s in the relays and other events. Another favorite memory was my amazing experience at Texas relays.”

Wingspan: Who’s your biggest inspiration?

Odonkor: “My biggest inspiration would have to be my family because they continue to push me to be my best and do my best.”

Wingspan: What advice would you give to underclassmen? 

Odonkor: “My advice to underclassmen is to work their hardest and to take every opportunity to get better.”

Wingspan: What has been the biggest challenge this season?

Odonkor: “There are a lot of challenges that I have faced this year but I feel the biggest challenge I’ve had is the mental blocks I go through some with the relay handoffs wanting them to be perfect or with the 400 and holding myself back.”