PALS introduces monthly painting sessions

Cooper Ragle

Cooper Ragle, WTV Executive Producer

With the goal of a relaxing and fun after-school event, PALS is introducing a new monthly event, Painting With PALS.

“It’s basically a program where you come after school, it’s like a 30-minute painting session with pals, which is like our class, our club,” senior Saba Mahmood said. “It’s good to come and just sit there and talk with your friends… we made it for people to come and meet new people that share similar hobbies and stuff.”

The event was her goal since joining PALS last year.

“We all in our pals class have our own project, this was the project that I came up with, we started this program last year so I’ve wanted to do this since last year but COVID was really strong last year and I was online last year,” she said. “But I’m hoping it can be a more permanent thing so people can not only find out more about pals but hopefully we can get new members for pals next year and, I don’t know, maybe I can meet new people too.”

The event is designed to be a friendly environment in which different people can go and enjoy the painting.

“I say you should come because it’s a, we make it a very friendly environment, I know some people are like, ‘oh I don’t know what’s gonna happen, like no one’s gonna talk to me..'” she said. “Things like that, … you can have your own personal space if you’re antisocial or if you just don’t feel like talking to somebody if you just wanna come paint, but we’ll also have a bigger table where if you wanna talk to people or your friends or randos you can sit there too.”

To sign up for Painting with PALS, join their Remind by texting @78d4b8 to 81010.