StuCo helps clean Frisco

Cooper Ragle, WTV Executive Producer

While volunteers are cleaning the campus, student council is making it their priority to help clean the streets of Frisco.

The StuCo team partook in their semester trash pick-up yesterday in their Earth Day efforts.

“So we get equipment from the City of Frisco and we just go out and take a street that we were assigned to clean,” student council president Alyssa Murphy said. “I think the craziest thing we’ve ever collected was probably a car door. I think that student council cleaning up trash really makes an impact especially like considering earth day. It’s a really cool tradition that we have.”

Student council also has their own traditions along with the trash pick-up itself.

“One of the fun traditions that we have after we clean up trash is sometimes we go get Slurpees after from either 7-eleven or racetrack, just depending on what street we helped clean up,” Murphy said. “So it’s kind of a fun little reward after about an hour of picking up trash and making the city a better place. ”