Board of Trustees hosts Community Input Meeting Wednesday


Remi Williams

With summer coming up, FISD is hosting an informational webinar for students interested in summer school.

Athena Tseng, Managing Editor

The monthly Community Input Meeting is taking place on Wednesday at 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the district administration building. 

The meeting will allow attendees to ask questions and give feedback to the board of trustees about the district.

“Our community is engaged and we have noticed a need by the community to be able to have more access to the Board and I love the idea of the Community Input Meeting,” board president Rene Archambault said. “We want to be open and able to receive information that is important to stakeholders.”  

To speak at the meeting, people have to sign up 15 mins before the meeting and when called up to the podium at the meeting, people get 2 mins to speak. The topics brought up during the meeting will be posted on the FISD website after.