PTSA kicks off Teacher Appreciation Week


Vaughn Perez

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Hannah Beeler, Staff Reporter

Teacher Appreciation Week kicks off on Monday with the school’s chapter of the PTSA helping celebrate teachers with small gifts. 

“We asked parents and students to donate five dollar gift cards for teachers,” PTSA hospitality chair Kim Reynolds said. “Each teacher will receive a gift box with a gift card and treats so we can show them our appreciation for all that they do.”

Many students such as junior Ethan Ashmore believe that it is important to recognize all that teachers do.

“It’s important to celebrate teachers because they work so hard and they do a lot for us,” Ashmore said. “They even work outside the school on things like lesson plans, slide shows, and much more.”

Junior Shawn Lee believes that their teachers have made a major impact on their lives.

“There was one day that I was feeling down and one of my teachers, Coach Schuimo, saw me walking down the hall and noticed and immediately made sure I was okay,” Lee said. “And it really helped me so much.”

Whether they receive gifts or something else, teachers like pre-calculus teacher Kelli Duckworth appreciate the love they receive from their students throughout the week. 

“I personally love getting cards from students,” Duckworth said. “It means a lot because you get to read about the differences you’re making in your students lives.”