Featured Athlete: Cori Ross


Provided by Cori Ross

Wingspan’s featured athlete for 5/9, track and field athlete, senior Cori Ross.

Emily Thomas, Staff Reporter

Wingspan: What are your favorite parts of track?

Ross: “The bond I have with my teammates and coaches, since we’re together almost 24/7 it makes us really close.”

Wingspan: What are your goals for state?

Ross: “Our main goal is to medal in both relays and as of right now there’s a very big possibility of that.”

Wingspan: What is the team’s greatest strength?

Ross: “Our unity, it’s how we get through a lot of the workouts and competitions.”

Wingspan: What’s the team’s greatest weakness?

Ross: “We beat ourselves up way too easily, though fortunately we learned to take things one meet at a time and that helped with our mindsets a lot.”

Wingspan: How has the team been preparing for state?

Ross: “Well essentially we’ve been preparing for state since august, pre- season training was very vigorous, but as state has gotten closer our workouts derive of speed training, light lifting, and lots of recovery.”

Wingspan: What advice would you give to underclassmen in track?5/9

Ross: “Mental toughness is definitely an understatement of a quality you need in order to seriously compete, but once you start working on it and nail it you’ll see how far your athletic ability can actually go.”