Applications for district committees open


Maddie Owens

Recently, the district has opened applications for the district-wide committees.

Aarya Oswal, Staff Reporter

The Frisco ISD Board of Trustees and Superintendent Dr. Mike Waldrip are at the forefront of the district’s leadership team but students, parents, employees, and community members can now apply to be a part of a voice for the community and its needs from the district.

“I think serving on one of the FISD district advisory committees is really good idea,” junior Harshitha Suryadevara said. “It helps FISD community members offer different opinions on ways to improve the district and lets students share with the FISD board their first hand experiences as a student of this district so that future advancements to our school and curriculum can be made.”

Not only do parents have a voice by being a part of this committee, high schoolers do too, and junior Amish Bhatnagar thinks this is a great way for students his age to have representation.

“I find it interesting that even high school students can apply to this,” Bhatnagar said. “Usually that isn’t the case, and I guess this is a good thing because then we could actually have real representation from people our own age.”

While junior Dev Sheth isn’t considering joining the committee, he thinks it’s a great initiative by Frisco ISD to improve upon itself.

“It’s cool that Frisco is being open and allowing the parents of the kids as well as the kids themselves who attend these schools to get a chance to be on the board,” Sheth said. “It can help Frisco in the future. I’m about to graduate from Frisco ISD anyway so I don’t really think I would join the committee, but it’s a cool opportunity for whoever would be passionate about this type of thing.”