Administration starts organizing next year’s schedules


Now that students are done with 2022-2023 schedule requests, campus administration is working on a different kind of schedule.

Cooper Ragle, WTV Executive Producer

Starting in the winter, students get the opportunity to pick classes they would like for next year. During this time, campus administration is working on the master schedule which consists of many different elements. 

“We’re making sure that each teacher has a class at a certain period in a certain room,” principal Ashley Rainwater said. “So we have to look at all those resources, whether it’s classrooms, teachers, specific certifications, anything else, and then we look at what kids want for the next year.”

With students’ many requests, sophomore Anushka Dwivedi wonders how administration does it.

“I’m not quite sure how they organize all the schedules,” Dwivedi said. “It seems really complicated getting all student requests and teacher needs to work together.”

Although there are many challenges, many have received their top course requests every year.

“Throughout the past three years, I always got the courses I wanted,” junior Shannon Christian said. “I hope I get the classes I want next year as well.”

With approximately 2000 students’ schedules to complete and more than 100 teachers on campus, creating a master schedule is a puzzle of sorts. 

“When you have a class that’s only offered once, it’s hard to figure out where to put it so that all the kids that want it can take it,” Rainwater said. “But all of it, in the end, seems to work out. But it is certainly a huge puzzle in the beginning.”