Redhawks return back to campus with new adjustments and renovations


Varun Sarvanan

Teachers were required to pack up and clean up their classrooms by the end of the year. This summer, the campus was refreshed and the floors and walls were redone.

Rachel Kim, Staff Reporter

For Frisco ISD staff and students, the first day of the 2022-2023 school year began on Wednesday, a change from previous years. 

“The main difference of school starting on a Wednesday is that Friday is an actual teaching day now, which I think threw us all off in a little bit of a loop,” math teacher Kathryn Schalla said. “Normally, the get to know you activities are on Thursday and Friday, but now lessons start on Friday. So, it is a little bit different [than past years].” 

With the new start of the first day of school, senior Sherry Hu believes that the changed date causes more difficulties and inconvenience rather than ease and comfort. 

“I’m not a huge fan of starting on Wednesday, mostly because when we start on Thursdays, we have one A/B block before the weekend, which was nice because we could get class supplies over that period of time,” Hu said. “Now, since the block is split over the weekend, it just creates an awkward schedule, which isn’t beneficial for me or others that appreciate convenience.”

However, the first day of school was not the only change for many Redhawks. The new renovations made to the school were another difference noticeably seen by staff and students alike. 

“I think the walls make the school look more drab than usual, but other than that, I’m pretty much indifferent about them,” Hu said. 

Yet, for Schalla, the new interior brings about a cleaner and fresher atmosphere to the school. 

“I really liked anywhere where there was gray painting, such as the library,” Schalla said. “I [also] liked the carpets, because we definitely needed a refresh there.” 

Similarly, senior Shannon Christian believes the new walls and carpets to be a pleasant improvement to the school’s learning environment.

“I do think [the school] looks a lot newer, so it’s nice having a little change in the environment, but not one that is too drastic,” Christian said. “I feel that the new renovations would make [learning] better, because I do think there’s a fresh air to the school. In fact, I don’t think it would negatively affect me in any way, because it’s not as drastic.”