Campus welcomes new teachers


Jordan Battey

The campus sees new staff members every year. However, this year, there were more than usual.

Erika Pernis, Editor-in-Chief

Every year when August hits, the hallways are filled with the faces of both new students and staff. However, this year, the campus has welcomed many more new teachers than in previous years.

For ISM teacher Heather Whitcomb, the campus culture was a selling point for joining the staff.

“I really like how Liberty High School feels like a community. Everyone is so welcoming,” Whitcomb said. “I also like the small school feel of the campus. It feels like family!”

This year, new assistant Red Rhythm Director Sydney Mooty and history teacher Logan Miller hope to create safe spaces for students to explore their passions.

“I feel like the students are motivated and driven and I love their passions, and I just wanted to come to a place where we can encourage students to go into their futures with whatever they’re looking towards,” Mooty said. “I’d like to just build strong relationships with each and every one of my students.”

“I want to make students passionate about learning,” Miller said. “I want to have them see the relevance in history today.”

Whitcomb hopes to further impact students’ education.

“I want my students to know that I care about them and their education,” Whitcomb said. “I want to lead by example and be a positive role model for the next generation.”