FISD donates to Uvalde CISD Moving Forward Foundation


Maddie Owens

In an effort to prevent fentanyl usage in students and in the city, Frisco ISD is hosting an informative town hall about fentanyl and its fatal effects.

Athena Tseng, Editor-In-Chief

The Frisco ISD school board received $5,000 this year as a finalist for HEB’s Excellence in Education award and on Friday voted to donate the money to the Uvalde CISD Moving Forward Foundation.

Earlier this year, Robb Elementary School in Uvalde underwent one of the largest school shootings, in which 21 lives were lost, and 18 were injured. As a result, the school is scheduled for demolition and rebuilding.

With the $5,000 donation, Frisco ISD hopes to join HEB’s efforts to help rebuild the elementary school and support the community.

“As a Board, we stand alongside the community of Uvalde CISD as they recover from this unimaginable tragedy,” board president Rene Archambault said in a Frisco ISD press release. “All Texas public school students are our students and we want to do anything that we can to support their community. We hope this small gift helps continue to lift up this community as they move forward and build a new campus to serve students, teachers and families.”